About Us

About Renua Medical™

Renua Medical™ is a privately held medical company. Established in 2009 (parent company Health First Technologies Inc in 2003, Renua Medical™ in 2009), we are dedicated to helping healthcare professionals perform efficiently while enhancing patient care. Our objective is to provide healthy, life-changing, and diverse products, which address health and wellness challenges, for patients, healthcare professionals, and customers worldwide. Improving healthcare is our underlying passion as we provide the finest technology while applying advanced scientific principles.

We deliver innovative medical equipment and scientifically formulated nutritional supplements and are excited as we continue to expand our progressive products in the near future. We strive to operate with the highest level of integrity and quality service with honesty, respect, and trust.

Improving healthcare is our underlying passion; providing only the finest technology and applying the most advanced scientific principles carries out our mission. Our diverse portfolio of products addresses health and wellness challenges across a broad range of therapeutic areas.

Medical science is constantly evolving. While our current product line offers a diverse array of Medical Devices and Product Sciences, we anticipate expanding into exciting new product innovations which we will introduce with the same level of commitment to our worldwide family of healthcare professionals who enjoy our support.

To insure that we operate with full transparency in everything we do, we maintain a keen focus on the way we do business. We encourage input from all Renua Medical™ employees, from management to every rep in the field; and always listen to the views of the people who are using our products and services.

Our primary objective is to make a difference by providing health, life-changing products for patients, healthcare professionals, and all of our customers world-wide.

We’ve done great things in the past. Today, we’re doing great things for the future.

Renua Medical™ which is a DBA of Health First Technologies Inc. has a long and rich history of working to improve people’s health and well-being. Through the years our researchers have helped to find new ways of improving health from our first medical equipment designs to our new and improved technologies.

While we are proud of our past, we are enthusiastic about the future of Renua Medical™ and are excited to help create a healthier, brighter future for people around the world.


Doing business responsibly, we strive for operational excellence.  We care for our associates and provide them with a safe and healthy workplace, empowerment and opportunities to enhance their careers regardless of their gender, race or background. We safeguard human rights in all of our operations.

As part of each community we do business, we strive to positively contribute. We are committed to leading the future of health and wellness.

At Renua Medical™ corporate responsibility and our daily commitment to making a difference towards global health issues is to find better solutions in everything we do. It is a simple promise that is embedded in our business. Our commitment to how we achieve our business goals is as follows:

  • Renua Medical™: is committed to discovering smart, sustainable ways to expand the access to our products globally.

  • People: the talent, diversity and integrity of our people drive our success.

  • Transparency: we place great value on cultivating open and trustworthy relationships.

At Renua Medical™, our core values are at the center of everything we do so that we may advance our mission to improve health for people around the world and build value for the people who are affected by our business.

We are committed to upholding the highest ethical standard in everything from research and development to sales and marketing. We are dedicated to making continual progress in innovation by investing our resources wisely and engaging collaboratively with our partners around the world.

Our Commitment to Improving Health

We apply our expertise in science and innovation to society’s biggest health challenges.  We take our role in improving health seriously and focus on areas where we can lead and make a significant impact.  We aim to improve global health. Through our business, we make an important contribution.  We discover and develop innovative healthcare products, targeting people in need.

Access to Healthcare

Better healthcare, in combination with a myriad of technological advances, is also helping to strengthen economic development of many individuals, but many factors are still excluded as a result of lack of education and other complex factors.

It is unacceptable that the vast majority of people around the world are unable to benefit from advances in medicines and healthcare. As a global healthcare company, Renua Medical™ believes it has an important role and responsibility in improving access to quality healthcare worldwide. To help address this challenge, we are committed to developing sustainable ways to expand access to healthcare, which is also necessary to sustain our business in the longer term.

Responsible Business Practices

Integrity is at the core of Renua Medical™’s identity and reputation, and we are responsible for performing with integrity in everything we do. We are also responsible for raising concerns about risk to the company. Our commitment to doing the right thing, which means complying with both the spirit and the letter of the laws that govern our industry, gives up a competitive advantage, Acting with integrity depends on giving our full commitment.

Code of Conduct

At Renua Medical™ behaving ethically and in compliance is the responsibility of everyone every day, in everything we do.

As a healthcare leader, our work requires us to cultivate strong relationships with customers, partners and employees, and our medical representatives, and confidence along the community. We are working every day to earn that trust by engaging on all sides of the issues that matter, and by going beyond to proactively communicate key information in greater detail.

The world is changing all around us. To continue to thrive as a business over the next decade and beyond, we must look ahead, understand the trends and forces that will shape our business in the future and move swiftly to prepare for what’s to come. We must get ready for tomorrow today.

As the demand for medicines and therapies continue to rise in the future, we will continue to work hard to stay ahead with solutions for the following reasons:

The aging world population has an increasing need for medical care. The importance of this trend is accentuated by the increasing incidence of chronic conditions in the elderly such as degenerative diseases of the joints, the cardiovascular system and the central nervous system,. There is also the heightened risk of cancer.

Unhealthy lifestyles and environmental pollution are causing chronic illnesses on a pandemic scale. Unhealthy eating habits, sedentary lifestyles and environmental pollution have serious consequences including obesity, chronic cardiovascular disorders, diabetes, cancer and pulmonary disease.

Our Roadmap starts with our mission, which is enduring. It declares our purpose as a company and serves as the standard against which we weigh our actions and decisions.

Our Mission

“We provide healthcare solutions that address the evolving needs of people worldwide.”

At Renua Medical™ we bring “Integrative Health to Life”, leading in the innovation and development of the industry’s most advanced health sciences and technologies. These advancements provide exceptional advantages for our medical professionals, patients and customers through our health solutions in the global markets.

Our Vision

“We aim to improve global health by delivering innovative, science-based products  so that we may lead our industry in advanced healthcare technology.”

Renua Medical™’s vision will be accomplished by focusing our efforts on the Five “Ps” Concept:

  • People: To be a great place to work where people are inspired to be the best they can be.

  • Portfolio: To offer a portfolio of “Products for a better life.”

  • Partners: To nurture a winning network of customers and suppliers for a mutually beneficial and enduring relationship.

  • Planet: To be a responsible citizen of the world making a difference by building sustainable communities.

  • Profit: To create and maximize long-term returns with accountability.

Our Credo

Our first responsibility is to the healthcare professionals, patients, customers, and all others who use our products and services.

We hold our employees and medical representatives with the utmost respect as they work with us throughout the world, ensuring each individual’s dignity is intact and their contribution to the company recognized.

As a responsible company within a community where we operate, we support good works and charities to ensure a legacy for years to come.

 We believe:

  • In the pursuit of excellence in everything we do.

  • That excellence is within each of us

  • In a support system within the company for each other personally and professionally

  • In a culture that encourages personal growth, respect, honesty, openness and humility

  • In holding ourselves to the highest standards

  • That we are privileged to be in the medical industry so that we may help others.

Our People

Focusing on people is our priority.

The strength of our company is embodied in our precious asset – our people. As we touch people at every stage of life, wherever our people go, they bring with them health, well-being and hope.


Our success has been due to how our people and the extent to which we have built together a sustainable culture of opportunity, accountability and inclusion. It has been inspiring to recognize and develop talent to its fullest potential.

Renua Medical™ is committed to developing new ways to create a 21st-century work place where our people and our business can thrive with much talent and diversity.

“Renua Medical™ is with you through life!”

Renua Medical™’s Executive Leadership Team is the company’s decision-making management body. Our top leaders work together to focus on overseeing all aspects of running the business including major financial, strategic and operational decisions for the company.

Chief of Operations

Our Medical  Directors includes a combination of brilliant minds working to create industry-advancing products. These researchers and medical doctors incorporate research in the fields of skin care, nutrition, genomics, and bioinformatics to develop an interdisciplinary advantage that makes Renua Medical™’s products both exclusive and unmatched in the entire world.

Renua Medical™’s core values are driven by a desire to improve human life.  By “Bringing Integrative Health to Life,” to achieve technology and scientific excellence, we operate with the highest standards of integrity, expanding access to the mass market with our products to foster a diverse workforce that values team collaboration.

At Renua Medical™, our performance-oriented culture and responsible approach are the foundations of our success. We are aware of this responsibility and take pride in providing the environment to foster the creativity, dedication and performance of our people which our business depends on.

Our values serve as a compass for our actions and describe how we behave in the world.

Our beliefs:
  • We foster a culture of Trust, Integrity, and Accountability

  • We accept personal accountability for meeting business objectives, and we are honest and straightforward in our dealings with everyone we do business with

  • We serve and support Healthcare Providers and Patients

  • We take personal responsibility for providing the very best products to healthcare professionals and their patients

  • We focus on Customer Service

  • We deliver outstanding performance and service within each division of our company

  • We value our people

  • We provide a working environment conducive to learning, development, innovation, and collaboration among our people

  • We are proud of our colleagues for being responsible citizens of the communities in which we operate

  • Our actions are measured by our successes towards achieving these goals. Our values and principles are at the heart of who we are as a company.

Renua Medical™ is dedicated to providing top-quality, reliable and efficacious products to the professional health care community. As evidence of our exceptionally high quality standards, the Renua Medical™ team maintains a strict quality policy and vendor qualification program. Both are designed to formally express and document the quality expectations and performance requirements of our vendors, while ensuring their compliance with FDA Good Manufacturing Practices (GMPs).

The Importance of Specialization

Few single manufacturing facilities can provide the level of proficiency mandated by Renua Medical™ for the production of capsules, tablets, powders, liquids, and specialty items.

Each product form requires unique machinery, expertise, quality control measures, and raw materials handling. Only by contracting with the best in each product-manufacturing category, can Renua Medical™ meet its own high level of production standards.

Vendor Qualification Program

Renua Medical™ supplements are manufactured in select facilities that have met our stringent quality standards. Every Renua Medical™ vendor must undergo a formal qualification process to evaluate procedures and activities related to the manufacture, packaging, and holding of Renua Medical™ dietary ingredients and finished dietary supplements. Key elements of the qualification process include:

  • Vendor evaluation

  • Documentation review

  • Evaluation of Standard Operating Procedures, i.e., manufacturing controls and processes

  • Existence of Designs for Health-approved testing and monitoring program for raw materials and finished products

Good Manufacturing Practices (GMPs)

We fully guarantee that our products are produced utilizing the highest standards of manufacturing. Each product is evaluated and monitored for quality throughout the manufacturing process.

Specifically, we guarantee that every Renua Medical™ nutritional supplement…

  • Contains only qualified, superior raw materials

  • Meets required specifications for quality and purity

  • is evaluated and monitored for potential contaminants such as filth, heavy metals, pesticides, and microbiological organisms (Designs for Health packaging is also monitored to ensure against contamination)

  • is analyzed to confirm the quantity of all dietary ingredients, thereby ensuring the consistency and accuracy of our label claims

  • is manufactured at FDA inspected facilities with stringent internal quality control procedures and documentation systems that conform to one or more of these industry standards and/or certifications: NPA (Natural Products Association), NSF (National Sanitary Foundation), and the requirements of the FDA Dietary Supplement Good Manufacturing Practices (GMPs).